Proprietary Hemp Extract: Blue Label CBD Oil Concentrate


Our Blue Label CBD oil is a non-psychoactive dark, thick paste. With a 15-18% phytocannabinoid concentration, each gram contains around 150-180mg of CBD.

Choose from 1, 3, or 10 gram tubes (all contain a 15-18% phytocannabinoid concentration).

Blue Label CBD potency breakdown:

1 gram/150+mg CBD/30 servings

3 grams/450+mg CBD/90 servings

10 grams/1500+mg CBD/300 servings

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Hemp Extract

Proprietary Hemp Extract – Blue Label is an oil that is extracted directly from the hemp plant.

The cleanest extraction method is used (CO2). Proprietary Hemp Extract – Blue Label has no additives. It is pure, 100% CBD hemp oil.

CBD concentration will vary naturally with each harvest. Each batch is guaranteed to contain 15 to 18 percent CBD, or 150mg to 180mg CBD per gram.

Proprietary Hemp Extract – Blue Label is decarboxylated. This just means that it has been heated to a controlled temp to activate the phytocannabinoids, turning the CBDA compounds into CBD.

Blue Label is recommended for those who wish to receive a high level of phytonutrients from a non-filtered hemp oil.


Blue Label is a thick, dark, pasty substance. It is non-psychoactive and has small traces of THC. It is legal in the United States and many other countries. You do not need a medical card to purchase Proprietary Hemp Extract – Blue Label.

– 15 to 18% (varies)

– May have small traces of CBDA

– It is PURE CBD hemp oil

– There are no added ingredients

– Uses an oral syringe

– Ships to every state

Choose from 1, 3 or 10 grams. Each has a phytocannabinoid concentration of 15 to 18 percent

(150mg, 450mg or 1500mg CBD, respectively).

Blue Label is one out of three versions of Proprietary Hemp Extract.

How to Use Proprietary Hemp Extract – Blue Label

Blue Label is packaged in an oral syringe. Dispense and place it under the tongue. Keep it there for 60 to 90 seconds to let the oil absorb, then swallow the leftovers.

Serving Size

4mg to 5mg (the size of a grain of rice) once or twice each day. You can safely increase or decrease your serving size as needed.

Phytocannabinoid Potency in Each Size of Blue Label:

– 1 gram/150mg-180mg CBD/30 servings

– 3 grams/450mg-540mg CBD/90 servings

– 10 grams/1500mg-1800mg CBD/300 servings

Side Effects:

One negative side effect has been reported, and that is stomach discomfort, only when excessive large amounts are taken, which is common with any oil-based product.

Proprietary Hemp Extract is manufactured under strict quality controls and comes in three different versions. Green (raw), Blue and Gold. The professional lab follows GMP standards.

Every batch made is lab tested by an unbiased lab that uses high tech liquid gas chromatography for the best results. Sometimes, blind tests are sent to a separate third-party lab to see if the results are accurate and consistent.

Proprietary Hemp Extract – Blue Label is created by taking the green version and heating it to a controlled temp. This is called decarboxylation. It is a common practice used to activate all of the phytocannabinoids. If you want the most phytonutrients without filtering the oil, Blue Label is the one for you. Blue Label hemp oil is a thick paste and is dark in color. The consistency can vary with every batch, so take caution when you dispense it for the first time.

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